First the chicken, then the egg, then the exhibition


After eight months and all sorts of hatching and preparations, I am showing a selection of my photos, texts and videos taken in 1989, 2019 and 2021 to a wider public. Together with the photo artist and lecturer, my good friend Oliver S. Scholten, I will open our exhibition on 2 September 2022. Everyone is cordially invited to come until 29 September. Actually, the exhibition should be on view until the end of October. Unfortunately, the space – a pop-up gallery that has been made available to artists for a good four years now – will be rented out unexpectedly from 1 October. Hence the corrections on our poster … Forgive me. Of course we hope for numerous visitors, interesting conversations and of course a lot of fun. If you like, you can read a longer text and see some pictures in the newsletter of Photography in Berlin.