A really big lineage

I really have a big family. Until now I could'nt count how many relatives I have.

Why do I have a family in Ghana?

I was adopted by the eldest of a lineage among the Dagara people in Upperwest Ghana. He gave me a name: Nmingmale, since then I am a member of an extended family.

What ROOTS is about

ROOTS is a starting point to show the lifes of farmers in the Upperwest and also to continue with the history of a special family with whom I lived for some months 32 years ago.

Past, present and future

In August my adoptive mother, her name is Pigr, has died. I will travel to Hiineteng to attend the imporant funeral ceremony.

A project of the heart

I will bring together the material of 1989, 2019 and 2021 and continue with the family history.

Flying and arriving

It was the first long flight since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The preparations already showed that travelling has become complicated and costly.

A grant – a big luck for ROOTS

My journey and the project are made possible by a grant.

How the story shall be told

My biggest wish is that Ernestina and I will realize the project together and in future also other family members.

Making off – the travel begins

Ernestina, now called Tina, arrived and we started to work together.

Travelling to the ROOTS

It was again a long adventure: 17 hours bus ride up to the North, then again three hours with the car to Hinneteng. But we arrived safely.

Village life

At one o'clock in the morning, very punctually, the rooster beats his wings on the ground and crows a first time. At the latest at 3 o'clock and then more and more often until the sun rises around six.

Short interview with Ernestina Zumeh

Ernestina introduces herself.


Co-working is the strategy of the women when there is heavy workload to do.

About marches, a market day and much more

In a 5-days-rhythm is market in Fielmon. For the village people a big thing.

Cracking peanuts in a big round

In the evening Titus called all children to sit down together, crack peanuts together, drink a sweet softdrink and to talk

Ernestina and me on a great mission

Team Roots began to look for our interviewpartners just the second day after our arrival

Work and fun at the same time

Ernestina tells why the project ROOTS is important for her and the family

Sheabutter – handmade

Kleine fettige Bällchen aus Sheanüssen gewonnen

The funeral

The funeral went on for three days. But the organization was an effort of more than six months preparations.


Finally my photographs, my textes and videos will be shown.

It’s a baby girl!

All familiy members are proud and happy. So the parents.