Short interview with Ernestina Zumeh

Verena: I would like to introduce you as my colleague. Can you tell me about your childhood, your education?

Ernestina: My name is Ernestina Zumeh. I was born in Ghana, Eastern Region and I am 23 years old. I grew up there. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Journalism) from the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra.

Verena: What motivates you to join me and realize ROOTS together?

Ernestina: It is a privilige to work on ROOTS with you this time around. I see it as a privilege because its enlightens me about the history of my extended family long years ago that I didn’ know about. I am very excited to cooperate with you. I am willing to give in my all to make sure the project will be successfull.

Verena: Which are the topics you are interested in?

Ernestina: My area of interest about the project and research is to find out from the elders of the family how things are going with regards to managing the family. And what are the greatest challange which might hinder the development and the growth of the family and the next generation.

Verena: You think the individuals will like the idea too?

Ernestina: Yes. I am very sure that they will welcome us wholeheartedly.

Verena: Did you ever experience a funeral in the village?

Ernestina: No, I have never witnesses any funeral in the North before.

Verena: What are your expectations for the funeral?

Ernestina: I am very curious. I cannot wait to see how things are being done from bringing the body from the martuary, laying her in state and the performance of the final burial rights.

Verena: You have any ideas how the funeral will be?

Ernestina: From the look of things, a lots of people would love to attend the funeral. My uncle told me that around 500 people could come during the three days of celebration.

Verena: What are your expectations about our project?

Ernestina: I hope that at the end of this project I will be able to know more about my own family history that I did’nt know before. So I look forward to learn more of my Dagara culture and background. And how it has envolved over the years.

Verena: Thanks Ernestina.