Not annually, but regularly, the floor of the courtyard is retreaded. This year it is necessary to get rid of the sand and dust before the funeral, so that the many mourners do not stir it up and so that they are received with dignity. The walls and floor of the place in the courtyard where both dead bodies are laid out must also be renovated. For this purpose, a mixture of earth, cement, cow dung and water is prepared and spread on the sand. All the women from the various households of the extended family help to pound down the spread – even those who have arrived as guests before the funeral even starts. To do this, the women stand next to each other and walk backwards, tapping. Three times this procedure is repeated in the course of a whole day. Only once does the group of women take a break and treat themselves to millet beer. Even the oldest, Nuo, who is over 80 years old, manages to do this hard work all day long. Meanwhile, Cynthia looks after the smaller children so that the mothers can help in peace. After one day, only part of the yard is finished. The women will spend a total of three days renovating the courtyard together until the “plaza” looks like new and, above all, the wind is not constantly blowing all the sand everywhere.