Past, present and future

Now my adoptive mother, her name is Pigr, has died. I will travel to Hiineteng to attend her funeral ceremony. A cousin of my adoptive family has also died. Both will be buried on the same day. I am sure that I will meet a large part of my Ghanaian family on this occasion. And I have a goal: I want to talk to many of the family about their roots, their experiences and visions. I will continue to piece together the family history puzzle that I started in 1989. At that time, I reconstructed the genealogy of the extended family, starting with the ancestors born before 1900 and showing the migration movement during colonialism. That was quite an adventurous undertaking. I want the family history not to be lost and to help keep memories alive and roots alive. It will be interesting to find out if and how life, work and family ties have changed from the point of view of the family members, but also what has been sustainable and remained stable over the last three decades.

That is Pigr in 1989, she put on her best cloth she had for the photo session